Adopt These 10 Dog Breeds That Make Cute Siblings For Cats

You have a cat—but you are thinking about bringing home a dog too. It’s a tough decision whether to get a dog when you already have a cat. Would they get along? Or will they fight and tear your house apart?

So many questions, but if you know the best dog breeds to introduce to your feline, the problem can be solved.

You can select from this list the dog breeds that appeal the most to you (and would make an adorable sibling for your cat) and adopt.

Let’s go through our list of ten dog breeds that can make cute siblings for your cats.

These 10 Dog Breeds Are Likely to Get Along Perfectly with Your Cat

If you think adopting any dog will do work with your cat, think again. Both dogs and cats have their own distinct companionship and living preferences, diet concerns, hygiene needs, etc.

Educate yourself on dog breeds so that your final selection can make a happy pair with your cat. You may refer to various online pet guidelines like Puplore to know more about dogs’ breeding, diet, nutrition, and most importantly, their friendliness or hostility to felines.

The ten pooch breeds in the following list are the most likely to make a beautiful coexisting environment for dogs and cats in your perfect home.


Those small, roundish, short-footed, and snub-nosed pups are well-adjusted to cats. Do you know why?

This is because bulldogs have some similarities with cats, including laziness, extended sleeping, a distaste for water, small size, etc. Furthermore, they’re not well-known for being good buddies with other dog breeds.

So, it seems that bulldogs are already a good choice for your cat’s new buddy.

Golden Retriever

If you already love these classic fluffy dogs, you’re already there. Golden retrievers are known for their happy nature, which helps them get along well with humans and other pets equally.

These dogs have an amiable nature to readily accept and befriend cats. Many pet lovers can attest to this fact.

However, it’s highly recommended to train a golden retriever not to chase your cat whether you adopt it as a pup or adult. It makes things safer for both the pets and your house.


Collies are sweet and good-natured. Most collies are smart enough to understand their owner’s instructions and eager to please. So when a collie observes your affection for your cat, it’ll almost instantly get along with it.

And by the way, it’s even better if you have a sheep herd. That will keep your collie busy and happy.


This small to medium-sized and watery-eyed breed already looks amazingly friendly. Now, when it comes to making a cat buddy, beagles are one step ahead of the others. How so?

Beagles are usually bred for group hunting, which makes them see a cat as a member of its pack.

However, it’s wise to keep it to a single beagle pup. This is because one can be a playful and happy sibling for your kitty, while two or three may gang up on your purring friend.



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