Border Terrier

Breed History

Border Terriers were bred in the north in the hills shared by England and Scotland, hence the word ‘border’ in their name. Farmers would keep them as company and general farm dogs; they excelled at hunting vermin in particular. Historically, they have also been used in fox hunts.

General Appearance

The Border Terrier has a wiry top coat and short haired undercoat with thick skin that can in handy whilst hunting foxes. They stand between 28cm and 40cm tall and can weigh up to 7kg. You’ll find they come in a variety of coats including red, grizzle and tan, blue and tan and wheaten.


A terrier by nature as well as by name, the Border Terrier is tenacious, spirited and confident. They need plenty of attention and have seemingly endless energy. Owners will get the most out of them by providing them with a variety of exercise and mentally stimulating activities. These smart dogs are especially good at problem solving.



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