Breed History

The Boxer descends from a now extinct German breed named the Bullenbeisser (meaning bull biter), that was developed to hunt deer, boars, bears and other large animals. To develop the modern day Boxer breed It is thought that Bullenbeissers were crossed with Bulldogs.

General Appearance

Boxers are a medium sized, short-haired breed. They are muscular in appearance and deep-chested with a short muzzle (brachycephalic). You’ll find boxers in a variety of coat colours including red, white, fawn and brindle. Your average boxer will reach heights up to 63cm and weigh in at up to 32kg.


Boxers have a noble appearance though many will have a goofy and cheerful personality. They are energetic and fun-loving with some breed members being very easy to excite. Keeping your Boxer calm can be a challenge at times and they need a good deal of exercise each day.



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