Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell is the quintessential terrier with his cheeky personality and thirst for adventure. This dog loves to keep active and has more energy than the Duracell bunny! Traditionally kept for hunting, this small breed is by no means a lap dog.

As the Jack Russell needs a good deal of exercise, can be yappy and sheds a lot, they aren’t a low maintenance breed. However, they provide hours of entertainment and make excellent family pets in the right household. Smart and curious, they can be trained to a very high standard.

Breed history

The Jack Russell descends from the taller Fox Terrier and was developed within England. They are experts at flushing prey out of hiding and have traditionally been brought along on rabbit and fox hunts. Their name comes from the man who played the biggest role in their development, Reverend John Russell. Amazingly, it was not until as recently as 2015 that the UK Kennel Club recognised the Jack Russell. This was mainly due to the desire of breed fanciers and breeders to remain independent from the club.

As well as being used for hunting, this versatile breed has gained a name for itself in many canine activities including doggy freestyle dancing and flyball.

General appearance

A dog with a rectangular shaped, stocky body, the Jack Russell is compact and well-muscled. Their straight but short legs mean they don’t stand particularly tall and most adults reach heights of about 30cm.

They have a flat head and ears which will be either button or drop shaped. Their brown eyes are one of their most attractive qualities and portray an alert expression. Their black button nose is at the end of a good-sized snout and is the perfect tool for sniffing out their prey.

The coat of the Jack Russell can be smooth or rough and comes in a variety of colours including white, brown and black. Many individuals will be bi-coloured or tri-coloured. What coat colours are permissible in the show ring will vary between Kennel Clubs around the world.



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