Automatic Pet Feeders – A Busy Pet Parent’s Tool To Making Sure Your Pet Is Never Hungry

Today we are busier than ever and that means that we have to spend more time away from our furry friends than we want to. Whether you are away from home for a long workday, or out of town on a short trip, making sure your pet has food available is a big concern for pet parents.

Enter the Automatic Pet Feeder. They ensure that your pet is never hungry, even while you are not there to feed them.

One of the most renown automatic feeders in the market is the Smart Feed by PetSafe:

The Smart Feeder by PetSafe was designed by pet parents for pet parents. It was thoughtfully designed with new technology in mind and works with your Amazon Echo device, allowing you to simply ask Alexa to feed your pet an extra snack.

The feeder keeps track of the amount of food left in the food storage bin and sends you alerts when you are running low. If you subscribe to Amazon Dash, you can even have the feeder automatically order more food for you when you are running low!

Because this feeder is connected to your home’s wi-fi, you have the flexibility of being able to reschedule your pet’s feeding schedule or make any changes, as needed, no matter where you are, from the comfort of your smartphone.

If your furry little friend is a fast eater, there is even a “slow feed” feature that dispenses meals in smaller amounts over 15 minutes, helping them better digest their food and making them less hungry throughout the day.



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