Best Sounds To Keep Your Doggo Calm!

Best sounds to keep your doggo calm!

Perhaps It’s Pouring Outside And You Can Hear The Grumbles And Growls Of The Thunderstorm.

You spotted your dog barking, howling, and panting even though it’s not hot. You move closer to him to pet him but as soon as the thunder roars, your dog runs away and goes to the corner to crouch down in fear. Poor little doggo!

You try to pet and sing to him but it doesn’t seem to work. He still keeps on shivering. He gave you another “Woof!” and all you can see is anxiety in his eyes. Oh no!

Looking for a glimmer of hope? Put your mind at ease as we’ll be giving you not just hope but the right solution to your problem. Here are the best sounds to keep your doggo calm!

Best sounds to keep your doggo calm!


Did you know that music can relax your dog and keep him calm? Music has been proven to calm and relax our nervous system. It’s recommended for people who have high levels of anxiety; not just humans but for dogs as well! Wondering which genre will do the magic? Here are two suggestions:
Soft Rock And Reggae – In 2017, a study from Psychology and Behavior revealed that soft rock and reggae music genres can heal a dog’s anxiety. These genres have slower tempos than others, which can quiet their minds and relax their muscles.
Listening to soothing, slow music can keep your dog calm, while listening to music with faster beats could raise his stress-levels, making him more anxious.

Best sounds to keep your doggo calm!

Classical Music – Studies have shown that classical music has also been proven to aid in the relaxation of dogs and will cause them to sleep more. It can decrease a dog’s stress level and heart rate, causing them to spend less time standing and barking.

Isn’t it cool to know that you can de-stress your dog by listening to some of the greatest hits of Air Supply and Bob Marley? You can even play piano soundtracks of Beethoven!



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