5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Furry Fave

valentines day treats for dogs

The most romantic day of the year is upon us! If you’re lucky, you’ll get spoiled with cards, flowers, and chocolates.

But what if you’re keeping it simple this year and giving all your love to your pet?

Yes, Romeo or Juliet could be sitting in front of you – and they can’t wait to show you some love! They’re probably not going to break your heart, either.

That said, you’ll want to return all that paw-some passion, so we’ve come up with some Valentine’s ideas for your furry fave.

Let’s dig in…

1. The Way to Your Pet’s Heart

Pets love food and treats as much as we do. But while they can’t share in our goodies (chocolates are a no-no), why not get them something pet-friendly for the big day?

How about those luxurious iced cookies from boutique pet stores that look so good you’re tempted to eat one yourself? Plus, homemade treats are fun to make, too – especially since you’ll know exactly what’s in them that make them so paw-licking good. You can even order cutters that make cookie treats look like bones, hearts, or stars. So cute!

If you’re looking for something more FUN-ctional, chewable supplements are your best bet! Gone are the days you have to force bitter-tasting pills down your pet’s throat – today they’ll eat them right up and lick their lips for more!

A good place to start these days is with functional supplements for dogs and cats. In today’s world, everyone needs an immune system that’s in tip-top shape. Same goes for your pets. Look for ingredients that include L-Lysine, EpiCor®, Astragalus Root, Quercetin, Salmon Oil, Hemp Seed, and Curcumin.



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