Body Condition Score & BMI Calculator for Dogs

Concerned your dog may be underweight or overweight? It’s a normal thing for a loving dog parent to be worried about – especially since being overweight or underweight can lead to serious health issues in dogs. So if you suspect your dog might have a weight issue, or if you just want to confirm that your dog’s weight is normal, this article is for you. Find out if your dog’s weight is healthy using the Body Condition Score dog rating and dog BMI calculator below. While you’re here, get some tips on how to help your dog lose weight or, if you want to work as a team, learn how you and your furry friend can lose weight together.

Table of contents

  • Dog BMI Calculator
  • Body Condition Score for dogs
  • Is my dog fat? 6 factors that impact a dog’s weight
  • How to maintain a healthy dog weight
    • Help your dog reach their ideal weight
    • Maintaining a healthy dog weight

Dog BMI Calculator

One way to determine if your dog’s weight is healthy is to calculate your dog’s BMI. It stands for Body Mass Index and is a measure of body fat, calculated based on weight and height. It is most commonly used to determine if a person’s body weight is considered healthy, but can also be applied to our furry friends. Knowing your dog’s BMI will tell you if your dog (at their current weight) is considered underweight, normal, overweight, or obese.

The following simple formula is used to calculate a person’s BMI:

Weight / Height

However, when calculating a dog’s BMI, it’s not as simple. You’ll need to consider factors such as the breed, age and sex of your dog as well. Luckily, you don’t have to do all that yourself. You can just use our BMI calculator for dogs and find out which weight category your dog falls under.



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