Bravecto Or Simparica: Which Treatment Is Better?

Bravecto Or Simparica

Fleas and ticks are very common in pets, especially dogs, and it can affect your pet unannounced. And the excessive scratching or biting of fur can literally drive you nuts. On top of that, if you have a topical solution at hand, it can be pretty challenging to squeeze out the liquid. Thus, some pet parents would gladly prefer the chewable option. Since dogs love treats, chewable treatment can actually make it a lot easier for you to dose your pet. And speaking of Chewables, there are two quality chewy treatments that come to mind – Bravecto and Simparica.

What Is Bravecto Chews For Dogs?

Bravecto is an easy-to-use oral flea and tick treatment for dogs and young puppies. This treatment offers 12 weeks protection against fleas and ticks. It comes in a delicious pork flavor chewable form, which makes it extremely easy to dose the pet. Once administered, the chewable begins eliminating fleas in just 2 hours and helps in controlling as many as 4 tick species: black-legged ticks, American do ticks, brown dog ticks, and lone star ticks( 8 weeks protection). Moreover, this chewy treatment comes in numerous doses for different sizes of dogs. And lastly, it is safe for puppies and dogs over 6 months of age.

What Is Simparica Chewables For Dogs?

Simparica Chewables is a fast-acting flea and tick treatment for dogs. Administered once a month, this powerful and potential treatment provides thorough parasite protection for 35 long days. Once this treatment is administered, it begins to kill fleas quickly within just 3 hours. It also controls and prevents flea infestations before they can lay eggs. Moreover, this single-dose treatment also treats and controls various tick species including Brown Dog ticks, Deer ticks (black-legged ticks), American dog ticks, Lone star ticks, and Gulf coast ticks. And just like Bravecto, Simparica is safe for dogs and puppies over 6 months old.

Key Comparasion Between Bravecto And Simparica

We have prepared a table below which will clearly highlight both Bravecto and Simparica. After going through it, you can probably have a better idea of which product to opt for.



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