Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken? Find Out The Risks And Rewards

The mere mention of the phrase can cats eat raw chicken? Can send cat owners in two opposing directions:

Some will say absolutely not, while others will say it’s healthy and natural and should be added to their pet’s regular diet!

It turns out, both camps are right – there are risks and rewards with feeding raw chicken to your feline friend, so you need to consider all factors before making the decision of whether or not to let your cat indulge in this culinary delight.

In order to break down this disagreement, let’s go over the pros and cons of feeding a cat raw chicken to clarify things.

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

Carnivorous animals in the feline family can eat raw meat, but when dealing with domesticated cats there are certain risks.

It is advised by most veterinarians to avoid raw chicken because the behaviors of wild and domesticated cats are quite different.

Unlike wild felines, domesticated cats‘ bodies aren’t designed to digest raw meat efficiently. Their digestion has evolved according to the food they are fed.

However, cats can eat raw chicken but with some precautions.

What are the Benefits of Feeding Raw Chicken?

The protein content of raw chicken is high, and it is low in carbohydrates, so it won’t cause any problems with your cat’s stomach. Furthermore, magnesium in raw chicken supports the immune system, muscles, and nerves.

In addition, chicken is high in potassium which is needed for fluid balance and blood pressure regulation, as well as muscular contractions.

One other important component of chicken is vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Additionally, it has phosphorus and calcium, both of which are vital to keeping your cat’s bones and teeth strong.

How Can a Cat’s Health Be Affected if it Eats Raw Chicken?

Feeding your cat raw chicken is not recommended as it can lead to bacterial infections and raw meat can carry parasites like Toxoplasma Gondii that can affect your pet’s health.

Though cats have a proper digestive system that enables them to deal with harmful bacteria, there is still a possibility of harmful effects from consuming raw chicken.

Raw chicken can cause the following problems:



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