Can Dachshunds Get Diabetes?

Can dachshunds get diabetes?

Diabetes in dogs is more common than you think.

According to statistics, one in 308 dogs in the US has diabetes. This staggering number may send a shiver down the spine of most pet owners. It can even be more disturbing when you realize that there are certain dog breeds that are more prone to developing diabetes.

So, if you have an adorable doxie, you might be asking, “Can Dachshunds get diabetes?”

In this post, let us take a deeper look at the answer to our question for the day.

Can dachshunds get diabetes?

Can Dachshunds Get Diabetes?

Sadly, the answer is yes.

Diabetes is fairly common among dogs, however, it has above-average occurrence among smaller dogs such as dachshunds. Other breeds that have a higher risk of developing diabetes include poodles, pugs, terriers, schnauzers, and Samoyeds.

One reason experts see why smaller dogs are susceptible to diabetes is that they tend to overeat. Since they have a smaller body, eating too much can easily lead to obesity, which in turn leads to diabetes.

What is Diabetes in Dogs?

Dog diabetes can be caused by a lack of insulin. Your dog may even produce enough insulin but is not effectively utilizing it.

When dogs eat, their food contains glucose. Their liver produces insulin, which is needed to transport glucose to the cells.

The problem is that when the liver doesn’t produce enough insulin or the insulin doesn’t properly do its job. When this happens, there’s an increased level of glucose, which increases the sugar level in the blood.

When dogs overeat, they get an increased level of glucose in their system. With compromised insulin function, the glucose will remain in the blood with no cells using them for energy.

Can dachshunds get diabetes?

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

A lot of dachshunds have been suffering from diabetes without owners noticing it. Because the early manifestations of diabetes seem to be just a normal part of a doxie’s life, it is often ignored until it is too late.



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