The Benefits of Adaptogens in Pet-Ness Botanical Formulations

What we love about adaptogens is their ability to go to work gently and expertly to help promote balance.

At Pet-Ness, our team of food scientists and herbalists have long considered the benefits of adaptogens (botanicals), and found them to be essential in helping your pet’s body to become more healthy and resilient. That’s why we use a variety of adaptogens  in our soft chews – to help your pet’s organs, tissues, muscles and entire body systems function at their optimal levels. They can not only help fight infection but  have also been shown to promote longevity.

What we love most about adaptogens is their ability to go to work gently and expertly to help promote balance in your pet’s internal systems. Most importantly, when combined with CBD, adaptogens deliver a more powerful, layered and optimized benefit for your pet.

So, what is an adaptogen?

Adaptogens are botanical compounds that possess unique stress-fighting properties.

  1. Adaptogens are generally safe and non toxic when taken in recommended doses.
  2. Adaptogens work to keep several different bodily functions balanced.
  3. The natural compounds found in adaptogens may have several stress-relieving effects. The two main areas Pet-Ness focuses on are reducing anxiety in our Calm treats and anti-inflammation in our Mobility treats.
  4. Other benefits of adaptogens include their ability to strengthen the immune system, protect the brain and support sleep cycles. Our Thrive treats are made with adaptogens that focus on these effects.

Here’s how each of our 18 botanical adaptogens benefit your pet’s body:



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