Can dogs eat a roast dinner?

There really is nothing quite like a roast dinner is there? It’s worth all of those hours peeling potatoes, preparing the meat, chopping the vegetables. And while you’re cooking away, it’s likely that your four-legged friend will be dutifully watching over you, desperate to sample the treats that you’re preparing. But is it ok to share your Sunday roast with your dog? Let’s find out.

How to make a dog-friendly roast dinner

Here’s what to avoid:

  • No onions in the gravy or veg – they’re really not good for your dog
  • No garlic or mushrooms either – as above, keep them away from this meal
  • Fatty meats – these aren’t good for your dog’s weight so leave them out
  • Swap out the goose fat – use olive oil instead and use it sparingly. Better still, new potatoes are  a lot healthier than roasties
  • Too many trimmings – Yorkshire puddings and stuffing are fatty and don’t provide much in the way of nutrition at all. Stuffing usually includes onion which is an ingredient to avoid!

Here’s what to include:



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