Can dogs eat cranberries?

It’s around Christmas that cranberries find their way onto our dinner tables and despite ignoring them for much of the rest of the year, they are a “must-have” for many on Christmas day. Whether enjoying them with brie as a canapé, using cranberry sauce to further moisten your turkey, or even adding them to your stuffing recipe, they are certainly popular on many Christmas tables. But are cranberries safe for your dog to eat? Let’s find out…

Good news!

Yes, cranberries are safe for dogs to consume. In fact, they’re not only safe for dogs, but they can also greatly improve your dog’s health when consumed in small quantities (too much of this good thing can lead you to having to clean up a bit of a mess so let’s not make it too regular a part of Fido’s diet, eh?). They offer dogs the same benefits as they offer us humans, as they are a great antioxidant and they keep us regular too.

Even dried cranberries are safe for dogs though again, in small measures. The issue with dried cranberries is that they have often been artificially sweetened and the amount of sugar present can be quite bad for your dog’s weight.



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