Caring for outdoor cats: How to keep them safe and healthy

You’ve got your feline friend used to being outside – or maybe they’ve always been an outdoor cat. And they wouldn’t have it any other way – they love to roam free, exploring the neighborhood and following their natural cat instincts. Although your cat comes home regularly, you still worry about them running away. Or that they’ll get sick, injured or in trouble. So, what can you do to make sure they’re safe when you’re not with them? Here are 10 things to consider when it comes to keeping your outdoor cat safe.

1. Make sure your cat can be identified

If your cat goes outside, your number one worry is probably them getting lost. That’s why it’s crucial, first and foremost, to make sure your cat can be properly identified if they are lost and found by someone else.

Make sure your cat has:

  • a proper fitting safety collar with a breakaway mechanism
  • ID tags on the collar, with your name and phone number
  • a microchip (keep your contact details up to date)



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