Can dogs eat prawns?

Whether you’re planning on pulling together a fun seafood paella, or going retro-classic with a prawn cocktail, your dog is sure to give you the eye as you’re preparing these dishes in the kitchen. However, is it ok to share your prawns with your pooch? In this blog post, we’ll find out.

The pungent prawn

As we know, dogs have an amazing sense of smell that puts our own sniffers to shame. They get incredibly excited by aromas and if there’s one thing a prawn has in abundance, it’s an aroma. While those of us who don’t like shellfish find them to be among the most off-putting scents, seafood lovers find the odour to be delicious and dog’s do too. That will explain why, if you regularly cook prawns in your kitchen, your dog will be so interested in them.

The raw truth

Yes, it is okay to feed your dog prawns, but only if they have been shelled and cooked. A raw prawn straight from the fish counter at your local supermarket or fishmonger can cause a dog’s digestive system no end of problems, and that hard shell can be a real choking hazard so we recommend never feeding your dog a prawn that has not been shelled. Furthermore, like all raw fish or meat, there are inherent risks of bacteria dwelling in the flesh that cooking will kill off. Oh, and make sure your prawns haven’t gone off as, even with cooking, this will cause both you and your dog to be rather ill and no-one wants that.



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