CBD Oil for Dogs: How CBD Can Help Your Yorkie Poo

Yorkie Poos are sweeping the nation as one of the cutest dog breeds in existence. Part Yorkshire Terrier and part Toy Poodle, the Yorkie Poo is a mixed breed. Yorkie Poos are sometimes a cross between Miniature Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers, too. Originating in the United States, Yorkie Poos is also a hybrid breed, or in other words, a designer dog. The American Kennel Club recognizes Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles – both standard and miniature – as official dog breeds. However, the same level of recognition is not awarded to Yorkie Poos because they have not been bred enough to qualify as a legitimate breed on their own. The process of cross-breeding dog breeds is how different breeds are introduced over time.
In order for Yorkie Poos to gain recognition as a breed on their own, many more Yorkie Poos would need to be bred. In short, Yorkie Poos have simply not been around for long enough to qualify as a legitimate breed beyond the works of dog breeders. Despite not yet being considered an official dog breed, Yorkie Poos exist, and we’re so grateful that they do.


1. Standard Traits and General Qualities of the Yorkie Poo
2. Natural Demeanor and Characteristics of the Breed
3. Typical Lifespan of Yorkie Poos
4. Average Height and Weight of the Yorkie Poo Dog Breed
5. Causes of Physical Pain and Illness in Yorkie Poos
6. The Difference Between Prescription Drugs and CBD Oil for Dogs
7. Types of Medications to Avoid When Treating a Yorkie Poo
8. CBD Oil for a Yorkie Poo: Pros and Cons
9. Where to Buy CBD and Hemp Products for Yorkie Poos

Standard Traits and General Qualities of the Yorkie Poo

One very appealing characteristic of Yorkie Poos is the fact that they are a hypoallergenic dog breed. This means that Yorkie Poos do not shed. If you’ve ever been the proud parent of any pet that loses fur throughout the day, you know just how much loose fur can accumulate over time. Luckily for owners of Yorkie Poos, their dogs don’t require a household of many lint rollers. The coat of most Yorkie Poos is a mix of waves and curls. Yorkshire Terriers have thin wave-like fur while Poodles have fluffy, tightly curled fur. Yorkie Poos find a place right in between the coat of Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles.

Natural Demeanor and Characteristics of the Breed

While the personalities between one Yorkie Poo and the next will differ, Yorkie Poos do share similar qualities.

In general, Yorkie Poos are…

  • Always eager to play
  • Incredibly affectionate
  • Quick to form close attachments
  • Extroverts
  • Distressed when isolated
  • Intelligent
  • Picky eaters
  • People pleasers
  • Big fans of learning new tricks
  • Obedient towards owners
  • Easy to train from a young age
  • Not aggressive
  • Sassy
  • Spunky
  • Very personable
  • Friendly with strangers
  • Attention seekers
  • Highly energetic
  • Stubborn when they choose to be
  • Compliant most of the time
  • Small dogs with big personalities



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