Why do Huskies howl so much?

If there was ever a dog that liked to talk, it’s the Husky. In fact, not only do they like talking, but they’re quite fond of a good sing-song too. In today’s blog post, we’re going to answer the following question; Why do Huskies howl (and talk) so much?


Youtube and Tiktok are filled with videos of pets, and Huskies certainly have their fair amount of content out there. This is because of their chatty nature and their famous howl which has garnered them millions of likes and hearts across social media. Husky owners will tell you that they are by far the most vocally expressive of dogs and they’re incredibly cute with it. But what causes them to be so vocal?

On the chatty side of things, a lot of it is down to a sort of mimicking action that some animals display. Siamese cat owners will tell you the same, and many bird owners will confirm, that with some pets, you can have a conversation with them. You talk, they talk. You ask, they answer. They appear to understand tone, and they can probably pick out certain words (which are just sounds to them) that they know mean something specific – that’s why many of us have to spell out words like W-A-L-K and T-R-E-A-T. Huskies fall very much into this category with far more regularity than other breeds.



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