Dachshund Diet & Meal Plan Advice

To begin a well-balanced approach for your Daschund’s overall health, you need to consider your dog’s age, weight, level of activity, and the types of foods you’re providing for them.

By looking at the whole picture of their health, you’re taking the holistic approach, which is defined as providing every small detail that adds up to the larger whole.

Like people, your Daschund will benefit from exercise as it’s the best way to maintain a healthy mind and body.

There are many specific benefits to exercise, but in general regular activity aids in digestion, improves appetite, builds stronger muscles, strengthens bones, improved mental function, alleviates anxiety, and increases moods.

Daily Benefits Of Exercise

  • Aids In Digestion: Dogs that get regular daily activity are prone to better digestion and waste production, crucial at more advanced ages.
  • Strengthens The Cardiovascular System: Studies show that cardiovascular function improves long after exercise and activity concludes. Regular exercise will make your Daschund’s body work harder long after activities are over and, in the process, strengthen its cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Build Strong Bones And Maintain Skeletal-Muscle Strength: Exercise stresses the body, and that in turn strengthens the skeletal-muscular system and will strengthen your Daschund’s muscles as well.
  • Improve Flexibility: One of the biggest challenges to aging and sedentary lifestyles is losing flexibility to joints and hips. Lack of flexibility can lower the quality of life for your Daschund and may have additional health ramifications.
  • Heightens Mood: When exercise occurs, the brain does a sneaky little thing. As soon as we exercise, the brain releases endorphins and dopamine. These neural chemicals elevate mood, reduce stress and anxiety, creating a calm, happy effect.

A bonus is that when you develop a daily routine with your pet, you’re creating more chances to build on the bond between you and your Daschund, which allows you to reinforce positive behaviors in the process.

One last benefit from exercise is that your Daschund can engage with its surroundings, stimulate its mind, and salve its curiosity about its surroundings.

Dogs are heavily reliant on the sense of smell so getting out and around allows them to sniff and discover if there are threats or food sources around it.

If you’re curious about different types of exercise opportunities for your Daschund, we have a few suggestions for you.



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