4 Ways to Care for Small Dogs

supplements for small dogs

Our fur babies bring so much joy into our lives. They’re part of our families, and when we bring them home we commit to caring for their every need, much as we do our children.

Heck! They are our kids!

That can vary, though, according to several factors including the size of your dog. In this article, we’ll concentrate on care for small dogs and take a look at some of the things they need in paw-ticular…

1. Keep Your Canine Clean

Let’s start by stating the obvious!

Small dogs are naturally closer to the ground than their larger brothers and sisters, so they’ll usually need more care in the grooming department.

Think about it!

When they go for their walkies or meet their buds at the dog park for a good old romp, they’re picking up much more dust, dirt, and grass.

So, what can you do to keep that coat shiny, clean, and purr-fect?

  • Special doggie wipes are paw-some to get out the grime before taking them back inside. Wipe their coats all over, swipe out their ears, and don’t forget the paws. You don’t want them licking off what they collected outside.
  • Regular baths with a good anti-itch shampoo and conditioner with aloe vera and oatmeal can go a long way to helping care for your muddy mutt! Small dogs are so much easier to bathe at home than big ones. Care for small dogs is easy-peasy!
  • Don’t forget protective clothing, either. Canine couture is IN, and designers love dressing our little besties. If it’s not too hot, sweaters, jackets, vests, t-shirts, or a cute dress can dramatically cut down what dirt your pup picks up. Strut your stuff little doggie!



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