How to discipline a cat without hurting it?

It is much more difficult to discipline a cat than a dog.

Dogs are a gregarious species, and the hierarchy within the group is very strict, so they have an absolute sense of obedience in front of authoritative dog owners.

So if dogs make mistakes, people can discipline them through corporal punishment to make them learn a lesson.

However, this rude way is not applicable to aloof cats.

As a species born to live alone, cats are different from dogs. They think that cats and people are independent individuals.

Even though today’s domestic cats are pet-like and cute and harmless in appearance, they still have wild blood in their bones.

In short, do not try to use corporal punishment to make cats aware of their mistakes, this will only have two consequences: 1. You are bitten or scratched; 2. The cat succumbed to your power, hid from you from now on, and became no longer close to you.

So, how do you discipline a cat without hurting it?

The key is to make the cat feel uncomfortable.

1.Spray water

Spray water on the cat’s face or flick its small nose at the moment or before the cat makes a mistake.

how to discipline a cat

Note that you must respond as soon as possible before and after the cat makes a mistake, because there is no principle of right or wrong in the cat’s world, and they simply do not know that their actions are wrong, so if you delay the punishment, it will look confused and aggrieved.

2.Double-sided tape

If you have areas where you don’t want your cat to step in, you can stick double-sided tape on these areas.

how to discipline a cat

Once it goes, you stick it once. Cats don’t like sticky feelings, or weird sounds such as bells can also be used. In short, set up obstacles that make them uncomfortable and let them know that this place is a restricted area.



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