Choosing A Safe Flea Control for Your Puppy and Your Home

Life with a puppy is full of adventures, cuddles, and expenses. New puppy parents rush to pick up special food and schedule immunizations, but often forget to choose a safe flea control for a puppy. Life is hectic enough without coping with a flea infestation. To keep puppy (and humans) happy, flea prevention must be a top priority.

Many flea control products aren’t recommended for puppies under 6-months-old. They may contain dangerous chemicals that cause irritation on puppy’s delicate skin. Using natural flea control is essential to protecting your puppy and home. That’s where Innovet’s BioPel products save you time and money.

Innovet offers the best natural flea control for pets and safe flea control for a puppy. We offer easy to use products that naturally repel fleas and ticks. Use one or a combination of products to get the results you need.

Our refreshing shampoo and conditioner are loaded with natural essential oils and are ph balanced for gorgeous fur and skin, providing safe flea control for a puppy. Puppies love our meaty hemp supplements, and homes can be safely treated with our natural flea sprays. All are safe enough to pamper puppy, yet effective enough to use all through adulthood. No need to buy special products for young puppies. No need to switch products after the first year. Buy one product you can use for all stages of the puppy’s life.



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