Choosing Dog-Friendly Seating for Your Home

The Internet may engage in frequent debates about whether you should let your dogs on the couch. However, a survey from Stonyfield Organic showed that out of 1,000 Americans surveyed, 74 percent said that they happily shared their couch and/or bed with their pooch. In fact, many pet owners feel that few things are more soothing than the end of the workday, when they can snuggle with their pet and catch their favorite series or film. If you are looking for seating that will suit the humans and pets in your home, the following tips may come in handy.

One Size Fits All

The first step involved in choosing a couch and additional chairs is to work out the ideal sofa size for your space. Typical couches are about 96 inches in length, and they seat up to four people. However, if you have a bigger dog (Labrador- or Shepherd-size and up), then a five- or even six-seater is ideal (after all, you never know when you might get a second forever friends). If you are worried about space, consider an L-shaped sofa. A Loveseat (which comfortably seats two people and a pet) will help make up an ideal living room set.

Choosing Sturdy Fabrics

Dog-friendly couches and chairs should be easy to clean, so your fabric choice is crucial. Choose comfortable yet dependable fabrics like microfiber, cotton, or nylon. Avoid fine fabrics like satin or those like linen, which tend to ‘trap’ hair. If you are made about Chesterfield or other fine quality leather furniture, don’t be deterred. Quality leather is extremely thick and touch and dog paws are highly unlikely to puncture the material, provided you keep your pooch’s toenails short and well filed. Leather is also less absorbent than fabrics, so if your pup has an accident, simply wipe the affected area with an absorbent cloth. For extra protection, consider throw blankets and large, soft, flat cushions.



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