Spring and Pets – What You Need to Know

When spring weather rolls around it’s nice to throw open the windows and start scrubbing those tiles and planting.

Before you go all Marie Kondo on your house, make sure you’re not using cleaning agents or products that are toxic to your pets. There are chemicals that can cause your pet anything from skin irritation all the way up to poisoning. In the list below you’ll find many common household cleaners and products that can cause your pet harm and should be avoided or only used in supervised cases.

Chemical: Ammonia – This chemical can be found in most window and stove cleaning solutions. It can irritate your dogs nose and throat if inhaled, along with cause internal damage if ingested.

Alternative: Use a natural multi-surface cleaner such as Puracy that’s safe to use around pets and children. The best part is it cleans more than just glass or stoves so you get more bang for your buck!

Product: Ant Traps – These sticky papers can do more than just trap ants, they also can attract your dog! With sweet smelling bait added to entice the bugs, your pup’s nose might sniff it out as well. Although these traps might not carry large amounts of poison, they can irritate your dog’s lining and cause adverse effects.

Alternative: Choose to purchase ant traps with the child protection tops that house the chemicals inside the tiny boxes. This will help reduce the chances of your snuffly nose dogs attempting to lick the trap. If your pet does decide to eat one, box and all, the VRCC has instructions on what to do.

Chemical: Chlorine – Although you may not realize it, this chemical can be found in more than just pools. It’s also a common ingredient in toilet bowl cleaners, which is at perfect height for a doggy drink of water. Without a closed lid and close supervision this chemical can be drank by your pet.



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