Do Dogs Need a Dog Chiropractors?

Chiropractic services used to be a medical field reserved for people, but more and more it is becoming common in the veterinary field. Many dogs, especially aging ones, suffer from spinal problems and joint pain for a variety of reasons, and chiropractors can be used to mitigate pain and symptoms without requiring invasive procedures. For this reason, dog chiropractor services are often covered by pet insurance, meaning that dog chiropractor prices are not as bad as some owners might expect.

In this blog, King Kanine will cover the ins and outs of dog chiropractors, discuss in what instances we recommend their services be used, as well as dog chiropractor costs and other matters important to pet owners. Keep reading if you are concerned about the health of your pet and could use a new perspective on how to keep them living their best life.

Dog chiropractors – Who needs them and why

All dogs, and especially older ones, are likely to experience joint or spinal problems throughout their lives. While veterinarians will often recommend changing their diets and increasing their daily exercise, beyond these small lifestyle changes, there is often little to be done besides use pharmaceutical products or have a dog undergo surgery. Of course, there is nothing necessarily wrong with these options, but many dog owners will question the decision to put an older dog through surgery or risk having them experience side-effects of certain pharmaceutical products. Additionally, there is no knowing whether or not these joint or spinal problems will return later on, making the decision to pursue surgery a questionable one, financially.



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