Dog Grooming Tips From The Pros

Grooming your dog yourself can be challenging. For it not to be a major mission in your life, and for the result not to be embarrassing (for yourself or your dog), grooming does require practice. This is why the pet grooming industry has been booming – most people just prefer to pay a professional to do it, rather than go through the hassle.

Despite the convenience of just dropping off your dog at a groomer’s, some people still prefer the DIY approach, or cannot (or prefer not to) pay the groomer’s fees. So, to help you get “pro-level” good at grooming, we gathered some useful tips from professional pet stylists. Whether you are a novice or a veteran in taking care of your dog, there are insights here to take away!

Above All Else, Make Sure Your Dog Is SUPER Clean

You spend a lot more time grooming your dog when the coat is not clean. A dog’s ears and face are especially important, as people tend to go easy in these areas for fear of getting soap or water in their eyes or ears. While this is understandable, these areas still have to be completely clean, along with the rest of the dog.

You Cannot Rinse Your Dog Enough

If your dog’s skin and coat are not rinsed really thoroughly, shampoo residue and dirt will likely remain on their skin and coat. Think you’ve rinsed enough? Nope – keep rinsing!

Dry Your Whole Dog At One Time

Drying your entire dog all at one time will ensure the coat is curl-free and dried evenly. This will also allow you to save time on the backend of the grooming process. If your dog’s coat is perfectly dried, you will end up with a much better end result.



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