The LAY LO Approved Way to Clean Your Dog’s Bed

While you’d make Marie Kondo proud with your cleaning game, we both know there’s one spot in your home that you dread cleaning – your dog’s bed. Just like you wouldn’t go to bed on dirty sheets, your dog doesn’t need to sleep on whatever has rubbed off onto their bed’s fabric. It’s time to think of easier ways to clean your dog’s bed that will fit seamlessly in your cleaning routine.

Get an Easy-to-Clean Dog Bed

This might be cheating, but you don’t have to worry about all the hassle of cleaning your dog’s bed if you get one that’s super easy to clean in the first place. When we designed our LAY LO beds, we did over two years of testing to make sure our materials were easy to clean. Here’s what you get with our beds:

  • A 3-sided zipper cover that makes it easier to take it off and put it in the washer.
  • Cover with breathable and fast-drying fabric to air-dry in 30-minutes or less.
  • Insert designed to be accident-resistant, so the water beads up on the fabric and makes it easier to be wiped away without seeping into the mattress.

Want to know the best way to clean your LAY LO’s dog bed? Just take off the cover, wash it in cold water using a gentle detergent. Take it out and dry it in the sun for about 30-minutes. Done! I can’t get easier than that.

1. Use Your Vacuum’s Power for Quick Cleaning

Even if your dog doesn’t go out often, their fur is excellent at picking up dander, dust, and whatever else is still lying on your floors. The quickest way to keep your dog’s bed clean is to use a vacuum with hypoallergenic filters. These HEPA filters prevent molecules from becoming airborne and distributing them all over your home.

Use the different pet-specific attachments of your vacuum to capture hair, fur, and other dander stuck to your dog’s bed. If you can fit this into your weekly routine, you won’t have to do deep cleaning as often.



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