Do puppies miss their moms?

Did you have to take a new puppy home? The first night they always cry a lot because they miss their mother, their brothers and the place where they were born. This is perfectly normal, the puppies are in a place that they do not know, that does not smell the same, without the warmth of their mother and with a new family that is as nervous as them.

The ideal age to separate a puppy

The ideal age to separate a puppy from its mother is at least 8 weeks old . Before that time, the puppies are still learning things from their mother, drinking milk and living with their siblings . These learnings will be vital for the rest of their lives . Puppies that are separated from their moms before 8 weeks tend to be more nervous and less sociable. In fact, the longer they can stay with their litter and their better mom, however, this does not mean that dogs will always have to be with their mothers to be happy.

Dogs , like many other mammals (but not like humans or primates) do not need to be near their parents until they are young adults or adults . Animals usually separate from their parents when they can fend for themselves and in the case of dogs, at 8 weeks they can move alone, they can eat and can control sphincters so they are ready for what follows in their lives.

How to reduce new puppies separate anxiety?



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