Dog Cookies Recipes Your Dog Will Drool Over

Border collie begging for homemade cookies

Doggos are man’s best friend–but homemade dog cookies might be a close second on the list. With Spring right around the corner, your pooch is craving something crunchy and delicious. Why deny that droopy dog face of anything they want? Dog cookie recipes are here to save the day!

Don’t Be Daunted by Difficult Recipes

Dog cookies don’t need to be difficult or daunting to make. Some simple ingredients and prep work and you’ll have cookies that your dog will absolutely adore. With dog cookies made from home, you’ll only be using ingredients that your dog can depend on. Nothing artificial or hazardous or sugary for your pooch.

Just the best of best worlds for you and them.

What Ingredients Can My Dog Consume?

Doggo’s will eat just about anything, even the bag their biscuits arrived in if you let them. But there are ingredients that are too toxic for your pooch, so it’s best to stick with simple and reliable ingredients that they’ll love.

    • Salt-free and Preservative-free Peanut Butter (You can make your own with roasted peanuts and a food processor.)
    • Coconut
    • Eggs
    • Fish without bones
    • Honey
    • Wheat/ Grains
    • Plain Yogurt

Which Ingredients Should They Steer Clear of?

    • Xylitol
    • Chocolate
    • Salt
    • Cooked animal bones
    • Raisins/ Grapes
    • Macadamia Nuts
    • Ice Cream
    • Garlic
    • Cinnamon–Many dog treats contain cinnamon as an ingredient. While it’s non-toxic, it can irritate your doggo’s mouth and lower their blood sugar count [1].

Recipes for Dog Cookies Your Dog Will Love

Cookie jar full of fresh treats

We’re finally getting to the fun stuff! Here’s a list of recipes that will show-off how much you adore your pooch.

Dog Cookies Recipe: Peanut Butter Blast!

Dog cookies can be made with a bone mold tray, bone cookie cutters, or just a tin lid to craft these cookies that will make your home smell like the holiday’s. Even though the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t deserve year-round delicious treats.



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