Dog Documentary: Learn More About Your Furry Friends

Documentaries are becoming a popular genre for binge-watching people all over the world. Reality-TV shows are taking a side-seat, and movies are generating lukewarm responses, but documentaries, these days, are getting high praise from millions of armchair critics.

With compelling content on informative topics, documentaries give us a glimpse into another world. It’s not surprising that various documentaries chronicle the trials, tribulations, and inspiring stories of man’s best friend.

What makes a great dog documentary?

While our list is relatively small compared to the vast number of dog documentaries out there, these gems are certainly worth viewing.

If you finish watching all the dog documentaries we’ve suggested, here are some things to look for that make an excellent documentary:

  • Who is the producer? – Powerhouses tend to make the best documentaries. There is a level of filmmaking required to make this type of film compelling.

    Look for documentaries produced by National Geographic, BBC, and even PBS, for quality content about dogs. Netflix is also a place to look for an abundance of shows for dogs and shows about dogs.

  • Quality over quantity – It is seen time and time again. Many documentaries run a bit too long. They are filling the time quota but falling short on quality.

    There are some exceptions, like binge-watching a five-part mini-documentary series, but most of the best documentary content exists in films that are under 90 minutes long.

  • Judge a book by its cover – When you are looking for an animal show, look for cover art that makes you pause. If the producers took care to create the cover art, the documentary’s content is more likely to be great.

10 Of the best dog documentaries 

Get Fluffy settled in their doggy bed, make some popcorn, switch on your TV, and start looking for these gems both you and your furry friend will love to watch.

Can dogs see tv? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, so go ahead, settle in with your best friend for some dog documentary binge-watching. To make sure your doggie can join you on the bed for a night of doggie movies, invest in a bed ramp for dogs!

With great movies like A Dog’s Purpose, Netflix is a good choice for documentaries as well. Make it a dog TV, Netflix night!

#1. Pet Fooled (2017)


Dogs need quality food to stay healthy. This documentary takes a look into the corporate world of pet food and their influence on dogs’ health. Pet Fooled deals with several issues surrounding this industry.

Focusing on the lack of nutrition in pet food today, you’ll want to watch this over and over. Informative and sometimes shocking, Pet Fooled gives you so much insight that it will affect your future dog food buying decisions.

#2. Secret Life of Dogs (2013)


Part of the BBC Earth series, Secret Life of Dogs digs deep into all the questions anyone has ever had about their furry friend. Diving into topics like “how a dog drinks water” and “puppies and their sense of smell,” this documentary is a must-watch!

Secret Life of Dogs is a high-quality produced documentary that uses CGI and compelling storytelling. It gives the viewer a ton of knowledge and information about their furry friend.

#3. The Champions (2015)


The Champions is possibly one of the best dog documentaries available on Netflix. It focuses on dogs from the fighting ring and follows Pit Bulls rescued from fighting rings in New York.

Once rescued, these dogs enjoy a new life away from the violence. Netflix does an excellent job of not leaving a dry eye in the house as viewers watch the pups enjoy new lives in the loving arms of family life. This is a beautiful and touching documentary.



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