Dog Friendly Vacations and Traveling Tips

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Labradoodle puppy packed and ready!

As much as I love a family vacation to Europe or the Caribbean, I always feel guilty about leaving Penny and Kiki behind.  In fact, even calling it a “family vacation” seems a little mean.  The pandemic caused us to bond with our pets more than ever and added millions of new dogs to our homes. Luckily the travel and hotel industries are increasingly seeing the need for pet friendly vacations, which means we can now include the entire family or just plan a trip with our BFF.

Preparing for your trip

I asked Paige, Pride+Groom’s Social Media Director, and dog mom to instadog celebrities Charlie and Sawyer @puppienamedcharlie how she prepares for a trip with her fur babies.

Paige Elyse Chernick SAYS:

Here are a few things I always like to do and bring when I travel with my dogs Charlie and Sawyer:

pupnamedcharlie, carlie and sawyer, dogs having tea
Charlie and Sawyer having tea the Williamsburg Hotel, Brooklyn NY

Food and Medications for dogs

Plan ahead for all food and medications. I always like to pack an extra day or two worth of these essential items just in case there are changes or delays in travel plans.

First aid kit for dog, regency dog kit, dog 911, pet first aid kid, best first aid kit for dogs
First aid kit for dogs

Dog First Aid Kit

I also like to prepare for any emergencies by bringing along a dog first aid kit easily available at Amazon or Chewy. We love the Small Door Vet break down of a dog first-aid kit. I also always look up the closest vet practice/ER to where I will be staying, just in case.



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