Five ways to prevent your dog from getting lost

Have you ever thought that dogs who are wandering on the roads are all stray? The answer is NO. “Not All Stray Dogs Are Homeless” is a slogan of Lost Dogs of America (LDOA), which was confirmed in 2011 with the mission of helping people to find their lost dogs. LDOA celebrates National Lost Dog Awareness Day on April 23 of every year since 2014, and this day was created to bring awareness among the public to help the lost dogs find their family back. Studies conducted by the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States show that about 40-60% of dogs in local animal shelters are someone’s pet that was left missing.

Apparently, preventing dog loss is essential to every pet owner and, here, we have shared some tips for you.

1. Using Microchip
Technology has brought great comfort to our life, like feeding our pets, tracing our pets. Similarly, using Microchip is highly recommended to prevent your dog from losing if they go missing. Firstly, have your dog micro-chipped in your local animal shelter, and then enroll the ID number, plus your contact information with a pet-recovery database. If your dog already has a microchip, never forget to register it or re-register it if it gets expired after five years.

2. Leash up your dog
Dogs love walking outside with their owners. But do remember to keep your dog leashed when walking them because even the most well-behaved dogs may get startled or decide to chase something unexpectedly. Besides, always consider taking the same route, and dogs will get familiar with the road and remember it. If dogs go missing, they will automatically head back home out of their walking habit.



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