Stray Dog Determined to Steal Stuffed Toy Wins Hearts and—Pending Adoption—a Forever Home

You’ve heard about stray dogs hitching a ride on public transportation, befriending hikers on trails, and trekking long distances to reunite with their owners. Now, joining the list of determined pets is Sisu, a stray who kept going to the Dollar General store to steal a purple unicorn toy.

On March 26 in Duplin County, North Carolina, an adorable Labrador mix with a dopey grin and a healthy dose of persistence became a local celebrity when he kept sauntering into the store, making a bee-line for a plush unicorn toy, and claiming it as his own. This precious dog’s gravitation towards the horned creature puzzled the staff, but they could tell he wanted more than the comfort of a soft, stuffed animal: He needed a loving home.



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