Dog pollen allergy: How to recognize symptoms and treat hay fever in dogs

Just like us, dogs can suffer from a wide range of allergies. They may have allergic reactions to fleas, food, or other allergens in the environment. Like pollen. But how to recognize the symptoms of a dog pollen allergy? And how to give your furry friend relief? Glad you asked. In this guide, we’ll be covering those questions, plus more.

What is pollen?

Pollen is a substance found inside the flowers of grasses, trees, and weeds. This fine, powdery material is an essential part of the fertilization and reproduction of plants (a.k.a. pollination). Pollen is naturally spread by insects or wind.

If your dog likes to sniff flowers, chances are that they’ll come in direct contact with pollen.

When us humans develop an allergic reaction to pollen, we call it a hay fever. It’s this same condition that can affect our furry friends too.



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