Dog Shaking and Panting: What Does It Mean? 

There are plenty of reasons why a happy, healthy dog might pant, and rarely are these reasons to worry. If your dog is panting and shaking, however, this can be a sign that something is wrong. The faster you can understand what your pet is trying to tell you, the faster you’ll be able to intervene.

Usually, the circumstances under which your dog begins panting and shaking will tell you what you need to know. It could be a quick fix, but most of the time, panting and shaking is a sign that you need to take a trip to the vet as soon as possible.

Let’s consider what you should know about keeping your dog healthy, happy, and safe.

Low Blood Sugar

If your dog has diabetes, shaking and panting can mean their blood sugar is too low. If you haven’t had your dog checked for diabetes and your dog tends to shake and pant before meals, you should go to the vet as soon as possible for further guidance.

Some dogs, especially toy breeds (like chihuahuas) and lean breeds (like Italian greyhounds), are more susceptible to low blood sugar even if they don’t have diabetes.

If you suspect your dog has low blood sugar, you should break some food rules. Your dog needs a quick source of sugar. Keep your dog warm by wrapping them in a soft blanket.

Give your dog a small spoonful of something with high sugar content, like honey or corn syrup. If you rub the honey onto your dog’s gums and leave some under their tongue, their body will work to absorb the sugar quickly.  You can also offer some fruit as a source of sugar.

Keep a watchful eye on your dog until the symptoms stop. Your dog might be worn out from the ordeal, but they should start acting like themselves after a few hours.

Heart or Lung Conditions

Your dog might be shaking or panting because they’re having difficulty getting enough air. Panting allows your dog to take deep, rapid breaths. This can be caused by several health issues, like heart conditions or lung issues, and can indicate a need to go to an emergency vet.



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