Dog Zoomies: What is it and What to do

We have all seen it; the crazed look in their eye and a sudden dash too and fro across the living room. Their butt is tucked low, and they are on a mission to run as fast as they can to nowhere. It is entirely natural to think your beloved pup has lost its mind. What’s really happening is your dog is experiencing dog zoomies.

Thank goodness the research shows that zoomies are perfectly natural, and there are tons of studies on the causes and how to deal with it. Dog Zoomies occur in most dogs’ breeds, so all dog owners should know how to handle them when it happens.

Excited dog running through grass

What Are Zoomies?

Natural Phenomenon

The scientific name for zoomies is Frenetic Random Activity Periods or FRAP. These periods are often started when dogs have an excessive amount of energy and need to act them out. They can even be triggered by stressful situations, as well.

Zoomies may even be triggered by specific times of the day. It is noted that many dogs experience zoomies early in the morning or in the evening hours.

Thankfully, zoomies are usually a short-lived experience, and your dog will tire out relatively quickly.

Are There Triggers for Zoomies?

There are many reasons that zoomies can take place in your dog. That built up energy can come for many different reasons, like after being left home alone in a crate. Another common trigger for zoomies is bath time. Often, dogs will run wild after receiving a bath. That comes from the fact that dogs don’t really like being confined to a bath. They want to be free, and running wildly after a bath is how they show it.

If you think that your dog starts to have zoomies around the same time, you’re probably right. Dogs, especially indoor dogs, tend to exert their energy around the same time every day as a part of their ritual. Settling down for the evening may actually be a trigger for FRAP.

Zoomies are also very infectious! If one dog has zoomies, all the surrounding dogs tend to catch a case. If you have multiple fur babies and one gets a little wild-eyed, be prepared for a stampede of smiling doggies charging around the house.

Even though most dog breeds are akin to having FRAPS, it has been found that as dogs age, the number of episodes they experience begins to subside. So typically, you will only see these bursts of energy while your dog is still young.



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