8 Signs Your Cat Actually Hates You

mad cat

We all love cats! Sometimes they are our spirit animals, become our date when our actual date doesn’t show up, be our partner in crime on Halloween and what not. But, with what surety can you say that they love you in the same way as you love them? In fact, they might not even like you, let alone love youIn this blog, we will take a look at some signs that may disclose their actual feeling towards you.  

1. Some Days, It Literally Tries To Kill You: 

There is some casual biting and scratching and then, there is some out-of-the-blue, getting-you-by-surprise, compelling-you-to-shout kind of hurtful biting that isn’t accounted for. Yup, that was an attempt to murder you.

2. Verbal Harassment Has Become A Routine Now: 

If, instead of accepting its mistake when you try to reason as to why it scratched the new pillow case it continues to torture you with the constant meowing and chirping even at night time, it’s a clear sign that you are not one of its fondest hoomans

3. It Deliberately Misses The Mark: 

There is nothing more distressing than waking up to the stench of your cat’s pee as it can most definitely give you a head spin. More stressful is actually finding the spot where it claimed its dominance and get started with the cleaning. If you have noticed that your cat is deliberately not using the litter-box or is going out to conduct its business, it wants to make life difficult for you.

4. It Physically Tries To Cut Off Your Social Connections:  

Has it ever happened to you that after rejecting all your affections when you had the time for it, your cat decides to cuddle up next to you as soon as you open up your laptop? it’s not that it only wants itself to be the most important part if your life; it also wants to cut you off from all your social connections, get you fired from your job, and wants you to lead an unemployed life with no goals other than to pet it.

5. It Brings Its A-Game When You Say No:  

What is their A-game? Giving you the “Puss in Boots” eyes you can’t resist. Half an hour later, they are riding beside you in the car with you to do grocery shopping, making you wonder why, after all those years, you still fall for the same crap every time.



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