Dogs and Fireworks: How to Keep Your Dog Calm Around Fireworks

While most of us can’t wait to see those fireworks on Independence Day, those loud bangs can cause you both a load of stress if you have a timid dog. Why are dogs scared of fireworks? Read more to find out why loud noises make our pups shake and how to calm dogs during fireworks!

The exact reason why we love our dogs is the same reason they’re afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms – they’re emotional and sensitive.

Our sweet pups generally aren’t used to fireworks displays, only heard on semi-annual, rare occasions. Dogs have much more sensitive ears and hearing than we do, so when we hear those loud pops and bangs, they sound far more intense than they do to our ears. On top of that, dogs have no idea why they’re hearing them – rightfully, they assume loud, booming noises to be dangerous, like the sounds of a large predator.

Can we train our dogs not to fear fireworks? 

We can! Though there is a genetic component to the fear of noise, there’s also a learned component, and a dog can always un-learn behaviors with different training approaches.

Read more below about why our dogs are afraid of fireworks, how to comfort them at the moment, and how to train your dog better to reduce their anxiety around loud noises.

Why are dogs afraid of fireworks?

Every fourth of July, new dog owners everywhere learn whether or not their dog is afraid of the long bangs and pops of fireworks season. The odds are your dog is likely scared of fireworks, as 60% of dogs tend to show signs of fearfulness when they hear them.

For most dogs with a noise phobia, the experience leads to anxiety and discomfort. Sadly, fear of fireworks may also spook dogs into running away, with more pets going missing on July 4th than any other time and only 14% returning to their homes.

Why do dogs hate fireworks?

  • Fireworks are loud, which hurts sensitive ears.
  • Fireworks are unpredictable, so a dog never knows when they’re about to happen.
  • Fireworks pose a threat, as the loud, booming noises could be perceived as a giant beast.
  • Fireworks make dogs feel trapped, as the noise is all around them and impossible to avoid.



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