Dogs That Can Be Left Alone – The Breeds That Enjoy Alone Time

You love dogs, but you also have a busy lifestyle and spend most of your weekdays away from the house. Can you be a successful pet owner? When choosing the perfect pet for yourself, consider if the breed is needy or if it can be left alone for long periods.

We’ve compiled a list of independent dog breeds that do better than others when you’re not around. These “low-maintenance dogs” are ideal for owners who have limited time to spend with a pup.

Will Hooch be okay alone at home?

Dogs are social animals by nature and love the company of people and other pets. With the busy lives of today’s society, it is sometimes difficult to spend enough time with our furry buddies. Consider getting one of the dog breeds that will fit your schedule.

Many dog breeds only need one walk a day, and playtime every once in a while. However, some are dog breeds with separation anxiety issues, like the Golden Retriever, a breed that simply loves tons of attention.

Puppies generally need more attention, time, effort, and training to become more socially adaptable to specific situations, like you being away from home for lengthy periods. After time and sensitive training, most dogs can learn to cope with periods of isolation.

However, certain dog breeds can be left alone for longer than others. These dog breeds need only a little bit of stimulation from their human companions and can find constructive things to do if left all by themselves.

Dogs that can be left at home all day

From small dogs that can be left alone to some of the best dogs for first-time owners who are not used to caring for a pet, here is our list for the busy pet owner.

#1. Basset Hound

Once known as a prominent hunting dog, the Basset Hound is an easy-going and calm dog that can easily hang around all day long lounging on the couch. Because of its stable mood and temperament the Basset Hound is one of the best dogs that can be left alone all day at home.

#2. Boston Terrier

One of the dogs that can be left alone for up to 8 hours without causing it trauma is the pint-sized Boston Terrier. An even-tempered, intelligent, and highly energetic dog, this breed can keep itself amused for hours!

#3. Dachshund

A confident and intelligent dog breed, the Dachshund not only makes a fantastic addition to the family, but they are also great listeners and easy to train. They also have an independent streak, making it easy to leave them alone for an entire day.

#4. Scottish Terrier

Originally bred to be used in the hunt for badgers and foxes, these dogs also make loyal family friends. A very clever and independent little scamp, the Scottish Terrier may sometimes ignore you so it can be left alone.

#5. Chinese Shar-Pei

This cute dog is full of wrinkles and sports an unusual purple tongue. But these characteristics are not the only things unique about the breed; Shar-Peis are one of the most independent dogs. With a bit of training, you can leave these dogs alone without hassle.

#6. Chow Chow

With its regal lineage, the Chow Chow has a sense of self-dignity that rises above all other dogs. Don’t expect too much cuddle time or displays of affection from this dog; they are more concerned with being loyal to their pet parents than snuggling with them.



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