Don’t Just Brush Your Dog’s Coat, Love It!

Simple advice on how to let nature do its work and improve any dog’s coat – short or long, straight or curly.

By Pet Pro Supply Co. Featured Groomer,
Sasha Riess

Sasha Riess - Featured Groomer at Pet Pro Supply Co.

One of the most misunderstood tasks when it comes to any dog’s grooming care is brushing the coat. In seeking to frequently give our dog that nice “groomed” look, it’s common to overbrush the coat. Not only can it be extremely damaging to the coat itself, it also causes great discomfort to the dog if you overbrush a dry coat.

The bath routine I suggest below is not only simple and easy to follow, but it will improve and repair any current damage to the coat.

First: stop brushing the dog between baths!

Bathe your dog once a week at most, using only a mild hypoallergenic shampoo free of all synthetic dyes, perfumes, detergents, and volume boosting agents. Follow up with a conditioner which has these same natural qualities as the shampoo. Natural ingredients work better because they more naturally sync with your dog’s natural body chemistry.

Second: after towel drying the excess water, wrap the dog in a comforting warm towel. Don’t forget another essential step: give him or her tender love and affection for about 5-10 minutes! Sasha Riess – wrap your dog in a warm towel and give him or her 5-10 minutes of love!

Third: Now the coat should be about 80% dry. Using a blow dryer and brush, brush out all the excess coat which has shed. Brush using long and gentle strokes, working your way from top to bottom.



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