Small Guide for Owning a Pet in a College

Small Guide for Owning a Pet in a College

A study conducted on students owning a pet suggests that college students may handle anxiety and stressful conditions better if they have a pet. Not limited to handling mental health, it seems that pets are a reservoir of joy and happiness that constantly replenishes the energy levels in youth. Moreover, owing pets at this tender age also inculcate in them significant life values like care, handling responsibility and strengthening bonds with the family and improving social connections.

Adding to this, from the student’s viewpoint, there are slews benefits of pets for College Students. Away in the dorms or hostels or their apartments, they are lonely, stressed, miss family members including their furry friends. However, considering pet ownership and making a decision whether to own a pet or not, they need to find the pros and cons of owning a pet when they are still into the college.



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