Fat Chihuahua: Healthy Doggie Diet

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t able to put on weight. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, and an overweight or fat Chihuahua is an all too common problem for owners!

A fat Chihuahua isn’t a healthy Chihuahua. Obesity leads to severe health conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and mobility issues. But as quickly as they can gain weight, Chihuahuas can lose weight too, through healthy dieting and exercise.

This article explains how you can tell if your Chihuahua is overweight and what you can do to help them get back to a happy and healthy size.

Is my Chihuahua fat?

How heavy should my dog be? It’s an all too common question from dog owners, and often, we only start asking when we’re worried that our favorite pet has piled on the pounds. Just like humans, dogs love to overeat! Combined with a lack of exercise, too many extra scraps under the table, and a few too many extra-large servings of even the best organic dog foodthis can all quickly lead to weight gain.

Chihuahuas are particularly susceptible to unhealthy weight gain, given their small size and frame. A standard Chihuahua is tiny. They stand no more than 9 inches tall and should weigh around 7 pounds on average.

Some Chihuahuas are larger or smaller than the average, of course, but if your furry friend’s weight is over 7 pounds, then you may need to consider a fat Chihuahua diet!

Do Chihuahuas get fat easily?

Because of their small size, it’s incredibly easy for them to put on a few extra pounds. While humans might not worry about one or two extra pounds around the waist, even just a couple of pounds can be detrimental for a handbag-sized Chihuahua.

While some fat Chihuahua puppies are simply born a little larger than others (like my little fat black Chihuahua), the majority of Chihuahuas will put on weight due to two major factors:

  • Poor diet/overeating
  • Lack of exercise

If you find that you don’t have time to exercise your dog as much as you used to, they can quickly put the pounds on.

Likewise, a poor or uncontrolled diet – lots of treats, lots of table scraps, or leftovers – can quickly lead to an overweight Chihuahua.

It can be challenging for Chihuahuas to keep the pounds off, but a healthy Chihuahua is a skinny Chihuahua.

How to tell if your Chihuahua is overweight



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