Fiesta Friday: DIY Margarita Dog Treat Recipe

It’s Fiesta Time!

The new collection features 4 amazing new toys: A Lime, Avocado, Taco, and Margarita. 

fiesta dog toys
fiesta dog toys
fiesta dog toys
fiesta dog toys

These toys are perfect for the dog who loves plush and trendy toys and for the dog mom who loves to have a little summer fun! 

To celebrate, I’ve decided to treat your dog to a fun fiesta themed dog treat – a Barkarita! 

This fun take on a margarita will allow your dog to join in on the fun all summer long. To recreate this recipe, watch the video here or keep scrolling!

margarita dog treat

Ingredients For The Barkarita Dog Treat:

– Chicken or Bone Broth

– Ice Cube Tray or Silicone Mold

– Peanut Butter (optional)

– Hard Dog Treats (optional)

To begin, take the broth of your choosing and pour it into your ice cube tray. Freeze for at least 1.5 hours. Once frozen, take out of tray and place all ice cubes into a plastic bag. Crush ice until you reach a margarita-like consistency. (TIP: add more water or broth if your ice is too hard to help achieve this) Before adding your Barkarita mixture to your cup, coat rim in peanut butter and dip into crushed up dog treats to resemble a salt rim. Pour your broth into the cup and let your pup enjoy their Barkarita!



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