How to Stop These 4 Strange Dog Behaviors

Having a dog in your life often means having a front-row seat to some adorable, hilarious, and peculiar behaviors.

But, what about some of the not-so cute ones?

Here are a few common, not-so lovable behaviors that might ring a bell, plus a few ideas as to what you can do about them. Let’s begin!

The Chew-lympics: How Do I Stop My Dog from Chewing My Stuff?

Your good work shoes! Your favorite socks! Your couch! Your pillows! Your… walls?!

Yes. All of those things (and more) are fair game for pups with an affinity for chewing. Whether you have a teething puppy or a bored or stressed adult dog, chewing is a relatively common challenge for dog parents. But, what gives?

Well, when puppies start growing their chompers, their sore gums sometimes need some soothing, and chewing is just the thing. So, we recommend giving your pup some pup-friendly chew toys that can’t be swallowed or broken into pieces with enough force, while also moving your possessions out of reach until they learn what doesn’t belong to them.

Dealing with a full-grown chewer? Maybe your dog doesn’t have enough to do or they can’t stay relaxed, so chewing might be how your canine companion finds relief! So, make sure they get plenty of physical and mental stimulation each day. Keep safe chew toys where he can find them. For instance, treat-release ball toys are another fun way to give your pooch a project to distract them from sniffing around.

Lastly, whether you have a pup or adult dog, a little spray can go a long way. Using a high-quality chew spray may help to deter their taste for household items. A bitter flavor is not so nice, so your pup might just think twice!



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