3 Awesome Ways to Help Your Aging Dog

joint pain hip dysplasia

It probably feels like yesterday that your fur-bestie was a young pup, full of energy, and getting into trouble. But as these wonderful years together went on, we’re guessing you’ve seen some changes in Fido’s behavior, mood, and eating habits… and that’s okay!

These changes are very normal, but it might be time to consider making a few helpful adjustments to their lifestyle as a senior pet to ensure they’re comfortable and adapting to these new challenges.

Switch Up Their Exercise Routine

There was probably a time when your furry friend could spend endless hours running around the dog park or playing fetch. If you’ve noticed a decreased interest in those activities or a long recovery time, it might be time to switch up their exercise routine!

One key to keeping your dog healthy in the long run is to keep your dog moving, even if it’s just in modified ways, so don’t cut out exercise altogether. But, perhaps the game of fetch may not be what your dog wants anymore. We suggest switching it up to activities that are easier on the hip and joints such as long, slower walks, swimming, or during the transition, decrease the amount of time with their favorite activities.



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