Healthy dog, happy dog

For many of us, food is our love language – but with 38% of us admitting to feeding our dogs treats just for looking cute, we might be doing more harm than good.

We spoke to dog owners across the UK about their feeding habits when it comes to their pets: 24% confessed that their dog licks their plate on a daily basis, and 37% appointed their dog as head of quality control, giving them ingredients to eat when preparing their own meals.

Most of us can admit to giving our dogs something they probably shouldn’t have – from our leftovers to the odd chip at the pub. But with dog obesity on the rise, it’s important to remember the benefits of healthy habits and balanced treats.

That’s why we’re launching a new campaign to support dog owners and give you our expert advice on how to #LoveYourDogLonger

How to: body condition score

Head Vet Sean shows you how to check your dog’s body condition score – a super simple way to keep an eye on your dog’s weight without needing a scale.



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