New Puppy on the way!!!

We have excellent news at Dogs Dogs Dogs, a new member of the family will be joining the company tomorrow. Sadly we also have to announce the passing of an old friend. In August last year, Berry, founding partner of Dogs Dogs Dogs with Holly and also known as the Chief Barketing Officer died peacefully of old age. We loved Berry so much and will miss her with all our hearts, she was a special old gird who had time to play and eat with anyone. She is deeply missed by her family and all of us at Dogs Dogs Dogs, but she lives on in the funny videos she made measuring dog beds.

We did not want to make a big thing of Berry’s passing because it would have been inappropriate and as I type this the tears are flowing. However tomorrow brings a new chapter in both our families lives and that of the business. We dicided we would go down the rescue rote and adopt the lovely Hula who it has to be said is currently of unknown breed. She is real cutie and has the features of a wirehaired daschound mixed with a few more which we are sure will develop as she grows.



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