How much CBD + CBDA should I give my pet?

CBD and CBDA seem to be constantly in the news, with a wide variety of opinions on what it can and can’t do for our pets, and how much is the right amount to give our dogs and cats. With the myriad of conflicting advice, it can be hard to know which product to buy and how much to give to your pet. The answer comes down to science. Science and data will tell you what you need to know.

ElleVet Sciences’ research and clinical trials have not only proven that ElleVet CBD + CBDA is highly effective and safe, but also have proven the correct dosing for different species and different issues. ElleVet is the only CBD + CBDA product for pets that has been proven to work in clinical trials in areas such as joint discomfort, itching, neuro support, and both situational and everyday stress.

However, for CBD + CBDA to work for your pet, also you need the right dose. How much CBD + CBDA should you give your pet? The answer depends on a few variables, such as the type of pet (dog or cat), what it is being used for, and the individual pet.

Why is accurate dosing for CBD + CBDA important?

Think about it this way: you would not take a quarter of an aspirin for a pounding headache; it simply would not work. Accurate dosing is the key to success with CBD + CBDA products, as well. Because dosing depends on species, different issues, and the individual pet, the right dose, or even a small adjustment in dosing can make a significant difference.

ElleVet Sciences’ research has proven that CBDA increases absorption as well as promoting a powerful anti-inflammatory response. In fact, some animals only absorb CBDA, so ElleVet’s 1:1 CBD + CBDA blend ensures your pet is getting an effective product. In a groundbreaking research study, ElleVet investigated CBD and CBDA absorption in dogs and found that CBDA is better absorbed and retained than CBD, but that CBDA also helps with absorption and retention of CBD, so both work better with a 1:1 ratio.



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