Here’s all you need to know about your dog’s poo

For many new pawrents, how to deal with their pets’ poo may be a headache to them. However, knowing how to tell if your dog is in good condition by their poo is important and necessary to new pawrents. Do you know how often dogs should poo? Is it normal if their poo is very soft and smelly? Why should we pick up their poop when walking them? Won’t their poo break down themselves? Let’s learn more about dogs poo.

1. Pooping times per day

A dog should poop in a day depending on many factors, including their size, age, consumed food, physical activity, etc. But mostly, a dog poops 1-5 times per day. And generally, if dogs eat frequent small meals, they may poop more times per day, like 4-5 times. Moreover, metabolism slows with age, both for people and dogs, so as digestion. So puppies poop more often than older dogs.

2. Poo’s color and consistency

Healthy poo’s color should be chocolate-brown because your dog’s digestive system controls bile to break down the food. There is nothing to panic about if there are some slight color changes, as a different diet or hydration may cause it. If the poo is gray or yellow, it could mean something’s wrong with your pup’s gallbladder, pancreas, or liver. Red streaks on the poo could indicate that your dog is bleeding in its digestive tract. If this happens a lot, take your dog together with the poo sample to the vet right away!



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