Horse Supplements: 3 Powerful Benefits

Horse supplements are an important part of any modern equine diet. In the wild, horses are designed to find their food from 1000s of acres of rangeland. This is so different from domesticated life in the UK. In the wild, horses are able to choose what to eat from a huge selection of different types of grass and herbage that grow on a wide variety of different soil types. By using their ability to sense what is good for them they can pick up exactly the right minerals and vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. For more information on switching your horses feed click here

When horses are fed in the UK they have to eat what they are given by their owners and food manufacturers unfortunately just do not have the intuition of a horse. Just like people, horses also vary a lot and have widely different needs.

But seriously, why horse supplements?

  1. Supplements bridge the gap – they can provide super absorbable minerals and vitamins that can ensure your horse does not miss out.
  2. They can provides important herbal nutrition that your horse would seek out if he or she felt out of sorts.
  3. Lastly they can help you avoid the pitfalls of using too many chemicals that have so many side effects and toxicities.



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